Various fields of applications

Flavors and fragrances

When flavors and fragances are extracted thanks to a supercritical carbon dioxide process, it presents a higher organoleptic quality. The extract is closer to the natural material and the is no residue of organic solvent which is very interesting in industries. It reduces post treatment steps and permits an easier process. Thanks to the various supercritical processes CO2 extracts can be obtains from many raw materials.

It is used for, among others:

  • high-grade flavors of fragrances as Vanilla. SFEProcess has designed and manufactured a supercritical extraction system for Reunion Vanilla.
  • Fractions of extracts impossible to obtain with classical processes (Pepper, Paprika, Ginger…)
  • or without dangerous solvents ( Aroma of cognac, rhum or wisky for example).

SFE Process as expert in supercritical fluids technologies, developed an extraction and fractionation equipment to obtain higher quality extracts from solids or liquids stuffs for perfume and cosmetic industries.

Flavors fragrances - SFE Process

Flavors fragrances - SFE

Food ingredients

Supercritical fluids processes are used to refine or extract food ingredient :

Colorant with deodorization of natural colorants, orange tone from marigold flower is extracted, as carotenoids from shellfish or carrots. Low fat products, antioxidant preservative and textured agent (as lecithin) are also obtained with supercritical carbon dioxide process.


Interesting nutraceuticals can be obtained from natural sources.

Medicinal plants (medicinal hemp, phygeum Africanum, chamomile extract…), SFE oils (marijuana flower oil…) are representing an increasing market to substitute organic solvent extracts and propose high quality products.

Supercritical fluids processes are also used as treatment to remove pesticides (for ginseng for example) or to predicate (fish oil).

Nutraceutical - SFE

Pharmaceutilcal and cosmetic

Supercritical carbon dioxide processes on active principles are offering many opportunities. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic active principles can be extracted, fractionated and purified from either synthetic or natural sources.

SFE can eliminate residual solvents for synthetic drugs, can eliminate monomers (laquers, polymetric patches or implants) and other toxic pollutant. An application has been recently demonstrated in polymer and plastic industries. SFE Process equipment has been chosen for a study on polymer waste. The results are that it is possible to separate toxic elements and purify plastic to reuse some components.

Pharmaceutical - SFE Process

Cosmetic - SFE
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