We are proud to train today and tomorrow's scientists on our SFE Lab supercritical equipment.

We work and build strong partnerships with prestigious universities around the world.


ISIPCA - sfe process

At the ISIPCA cosmetic and perfumery school, students and scientists benefit from equipment at the cutting edge of innovation and technology. We have been able to respond perfectly to the specific requests of the superior school in terms of simplicity, speed of the processes, precision of the equipment etc. We have developed technologies that can collect extraction curves, an ultrasonic autoclave, a fractionation column and online coupling to an agile FCS in real time. All process parameters can be parameterized from a digital tool (tablet / computer). Pre-recorded recipes make it easier to take control of the process.

We provide training in this supercritical technology and supercritical extraction, supercritical fractionation processes for students and science teachers.


enscbp partner research

In a view of continuous innovation, SFE Process has developed supercritical extraction and fractionation equipment for the INP ENSCBP (Bordeaux National School of Chemistry, Biology and Physics). To train scientists, students and conduct research and development projects.


SFE Process, trained the students of Industrial Chemistry Specialist of new ways of extraction bachelor of the University of Rennes, during a training session in the supercritical field and equipment. The training, given over several days, allowed students to explore the field of applications, of supercritical CO2 on the products of their research project, but also to visualize the different phases of CO2 thanks to our sapphire cell.

sfe process training

To meet the needs of companies to have technicians and engineers trained in this green extraction technology SFE Process is currently in discussion with other universities in Europe and companies to continue to carry out other training and improve skills.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you also have an interest to know and better understand the capabilities of supercritical fluids and its different applications.



SFE Process is proud to increase the community of supercritical fluids.

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