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Therapeutic cannabis and France

To better understand cannabis legalization in France, the hemp trade union therefore recommends not restricting the usnabinoids used, not arbitrarily restricting the pathologies and symptoms for these treatments, as well as having a holistic approach to the plant to allow all therapeutic uses. The benefits of cannabis can be extracted thanks to the extraction process that allows to obtain a pure and concentrated extract of the benefits of cannabis and to orchestrate the final composition.

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Hemp protein

Hemp is one of the most amazing and versatile plant on the earth. This forgotten plant is coming back and the world is rediscovering its properties. Source of proteins, this plant is vegetal source of protein.

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Hybrid wood: a wood of the future.

Hybrid wood: a increased wood material of the future. A wind of renewal blows on the wood sector. Facing environmental issues and challenges of the 21 century, industries are turning to new technologies. Eco-responsible, super performing, innovative: is translucent wood a key?

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EIHA press note Hemp industry

"In this press note, EIHA and its members, want to provide a clear and factual overview of the current legislative framework. To clarify: We are talking about “hemp” (Cannabis sativa L.), which is authorized under the EU’s Common Catalogue of Varieties of Agricultural Plant species (Reg. 1308/2013). Commonly hemp is known for its historic use as food and its use for rope, textiles and paper."

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Supercritical CO2 applied to cosmetics and beauty

CO2 is an essential gas for life and for plants that use it through photosynthesis to grow. Scientific engineering uses the properties of CO2 in supercritical form to extract valuable plant actives from plants.

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From by products to value added products

Developed countries, generates annually million tonnes of by-products such as potato cull, barley straws, hull … These products have valuable components

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CBD food and beverage

The cbd is known for its soothing, anti inflammatory, anti acne benefits. It can be consumed in food and beverages.

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Use of supercritical fluids for tobacco to reduce nicotine

Supercritical CO2 processes help to found and create healthier plants and fight again some issues.

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CAE advizes france to legalize cannabis

France's policy on cannabis is considered ultra-repressive and even has an archaic aspect according to the report. The paradox of repression of consumption in France reflects the ceaseless failure of the position adopted.

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Medical marijuana

Did you know that some molecules of this plant can help patients in various ways of cures? The extract of hemp plant known as CBD has little, if any intoxicating properties. Many benefits of CBD are reported: relieving pain, insomnia, spasticity, relaxing muscles in Parkinson’s disease.

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