Supercritical CO2 applied to cosmetics and beauty

CO2 is an essential gas for life and for plants that use it through photosynthesis to grow. Scientific engineering uses the properties of CO2 in supercritical form to extract valuable plant actives from plants. Thanks to the extraction at low temperature, the assets, principles and natural properties are not altered. Also, supercritical CO2 is a green solvent. The cosmetic industries initially use chemical solvents such as acetone, ethanol, methanol or benzene, pollutants, the use of which can be dangerous and which show a possible toxicity. Supercritical CO2 is simply a state of carbon dioxide between liquid and gaseous. This state allows it to have solvent properties and to be able to enter into the heart of the material to extract the desired compounds. This process makes it possible to target the desired active ingredients and to set up a selective extraction. The technology is significantly more efficient than conventional distillation.

The extracts harvested are microbiologically stable and show no trace of solvents, almost sterile by nature (their exposure to pesticides during their culture for example, are erased) very concentrated, pure and saturated with active compounds. For example, the extracts produced by supercritical technology can thus boost the cosmetic creams, giving them many properties; or bring the purest aroma or fragrance.

Harvest the power of nature!

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