Smart process

Smart process

Regular monitoring and close collaboration with the client will be ensured throughout the progress of the project to ensure that the project proceeds according to the expectations of the client.

The quality assurance system of SFE Process has been developed to guarantee the highest level of requirement in terms of planning control and quality of the finished product, with the aim of providing equipment operating in the best quality and in complete safety.


We develop smart processes (with less steps) to provide industries the best level of quality expertise and technology. We are GMP organization. All of our products are produced and controlled according to quality standards. For us it is a core condition to export worldwide. The production and distribution of our SFELab equipment and other products ensure an optimum guaranteed quality, and hygienic environment during all the process. Our customers already trust SFE, integrating and using our SFE Lab in clean-room environments for pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, food industry (FDA).

We guarantee the transparency with the customer with regular progress points and common validation at key stages of the project and detailed procedures for equipment qualification.

One of our high priority is the specific follow-up of our subcontractors: Purchase specifications, PV and audits.

SFE Process will mobilize the appropriate staff to perform the Project with a core Project team and according to its quality management system, composed of qualified people for high pressure equipment and especially in supercritical CO2 extraction :

  • A project manager who will be the main contact for any topics, planning management, quality and costs control, and team leader
  • A team of technicians for the mechanical and electrical design
  • A network of qualified and validated sub-contractor for parts machining, electrical design and assembly, skid manufacturing and equipment assembly
Supercritical sfe process high pressure customer best service

Project starts from the kick-off meeting and will be mark out of major steps after main components design, manufacturing, assembly, process validation test and finally Factory Acceptance Tests.

Follow-up will be made as many as necessary in order to ensure proper update on project progression.

SFE Process has major experience on supercritical extraction equipment design and operation thanks to some members of its team who worked for many years as engineers in supercritical extraction equipment design and project management.

Quality management system is developed for design validation, planning control and final quality product in order to deliver the most suitable equipment working in the safest conditions.

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