Fractionation and Chromatography

Supercritical CO2 extraction, fractionation, chromatography

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From extraction to chromatography, SFE Process covers the entire process thanks to its supercritical CO2 extraction, fractionation and chromatography equipment.
In a simplified way, the overall process is detailed as follows:
extraction of a solid starting material, fractionation which allows dewaxing and also extraction from a liquid product, and chromatography which allows verification of the purity and composition of the product.


Innovation is part of our DNA

Reliable systems and innovative vision to fit your needs with R&D projects. We are developing innovative products and tailor made equipment.

R&D investigations shows that the development will rocket in the near future.

To fit your needs SFE Process builds ultra-high performance advanced equipment. We are developing R&D projects to go further. To complete the process in order to extract, purify and analyse, it will optimize the process. We design and develop fractionation, impregnation, chromatography, dewaxing, analysis, purification processes and equipment because we anticipate future needs and market evolutions.

We already master all the processes linked with supercritical CO2. We have already manufactured an extraction and fractionation equipment for perfume, cosmetic and aroma laboratories. We also have created a fractionation system for laboratories to extract desired compounds or remove unwanted molecules.

We manufactured a GMP supercritical CO2 fractionation system for glove box and white room, for particules formation.

We are now developing a new project in wider scale to selectively extract and collect desired molecule from liquids thanks to fractionation process in industrial scale.

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