SFE Process raises €6m to pursue its international ambitions

Founded in 2015 and based in Tomblaine (54), the company specialized in manufacturing of equipment dedicated to the extraction and purification of molecules using supercritical CO2, an alternative to petrochemical solvents. With sales of €10 million, SFE Process aims to become one of the world leaders in sustainable chemistry in a constantly expanding market.

With Crédit Mutuel Equity leading the financing round, Bpifrance, Groupe ILP and private investor Gilles Caumont, the young Nancy-based company, leaded by entrepreneurial duo Jérémy Lagrue and Brice Sarrail, raised a Series A capital to accelerate the democratization of its technology in France, as well as on the international market, expectly in North America. The managers, who remain the majority shareholders, have also opened up the capital to employees.

SFE Process is the leading French company in the sustainable chemistry sector, with two main areas of expertise: R&D process and the supply of standard extraction equipment from laboratory to industrial scale. The company's main markets are pharmaceutical, perfumery and cosmetic. But beyond the traditional markets for supercritical extraction, there are numerous applications ranging from the cleaning and sterilization of medical devices to the tanning of leather by direct impregnation without water, and the recycling of complex materials such as plastics.

Supercritical CO2, also known as "green solvent", is a recycled fluid with a neutral carbon impact. Proven for over fifty years, this technology is widely used for decaffeinating coffee and extracting the compound responsible for cork taint in cork stoppers. Above a certain pressure and temperature, it reaches the supercritical state, the 4th state of matter between liquid and gas. Acting as a natural solvent, it can be used to extract and purify various molecules, simply by varying pressure and temperature. This method replaces the use of petroleum solvents such as hexane, which are harmful to both humans and the environment. Extraction takes place at low temperature and leaves no solvent residues in the extract, thus preserving product quality and consumer health.

Over the next five years, the company has set itself the goal of continuing to standardize its range of extraction equipment, while making it even more competitive, and to diversify its business, with the recent launch of supercritical CO2 preparative chromatography (SFC) equipment.

"After eight years of hyper-growth, supported both by the company's own funds and the backing of banking and institutional partners, and a team of 44 highly committed employees, we want to accelerate our development on international markets, which already account for over 60% of sales. We are delighted to conclude this significant fundraising of 6 million euros, a first in our brand, surrounded by four major investment players, sharing the same CSR values and long-term oriented philosophy", explain founders Jérémy Lagrue and Brice Sarrail.

"SFE Process is a young company that has been profitable since its inception - sales have tripled between 2020 and 2022 - and has a strong capacity for innovation. It offers excellent growth prospects in a dynamic market, driven by the ESG policies of major pharmaceutical groups, which are aiming for carbon neutrality by 2030. This 'green chemistry' with a bright future is in line with the mission of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, committed to a more sustainable economy that respects its environmental impact", adds Romain Peiffer, Investment Director at Crédit Mutuel Equity.


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Investor SFE Process
Crédit Mutuel Equity

Jérôme Geney, Executive Director Romain Peiffer, Investment Director Louis Mehl, Project Manager



Sophie Perette, Investment Director Valentin Carbonneaux, Investment Manager


Institut Lorrain de Participation :

Maxime Liégeois, Business Manager

Gilles Caumont


Investor Councils

Legal Advice : Guillaume Jarry, Laetitia Cachin (Lerins)

Due Diligence financière : François Thiery, Reynald Maillot (Cairus, ex Triple A)

Financial due diligence : Stéphane Gaertner, Chloé Champion, Marceline Coutant, Carl Choueiri (Katalyse) Financial due diligence:

Corporate : Guillaume Jarry, Laetitia Cachin (Lerins)

Fiscal : Christophe Court

Social : Johann Sultan, Cyrille Catoire (Lerins)

Jérémy Lagrue, Founder & CEO Brice Sarrail, Managing Director Rachel Laval, Chief Operating Officer



Intervenants société

Legal Advice : Brice Voillequin (Fidal)

Financial Advice : Alpha Niang (KPMG)


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