Contact us about consulting for one or multiple phases of your project :

The study thanks to Process and Instrumentation Diagram (PID) to determine the nomenclature, size the elements, and design the whole.

Once the design review is validated, the manufacturing is engaged. We work with French local qualified subcontractors, and we assemble the machine.

We provide hydraulic tests for high pressure security, and the FAT & SAT validations.

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When do I have to perform maintenance ?

Since July 2016, the European legislation (DESP 97/23/CE) has changed. It imposes a mandatory visit every 40 months, as well as a requalification called “decennial” every 10 years or 3 year for machines using corrosive fluids.) SFE Process provide periodic check-ups, either mandatory or recommended, according to the new directive 2014/68/UE.


In addition, we recommend Preventive and Corrective maintenance.

In order to ensure the safety and efficiency of our high-pressure equipment, SFE Process offers a so called “preventive maintenance” to guarantee the reliability of the components and safety systems, to check the accuracy of the measuring devices. These checks are part of regular mandatory visits.

In case of problem or malfunction on your equipment, you can count on our services to benefit from our expertise with great responsiveness.


We provide advices and training to help you being able to enjoy at the maximum your high pressure equipment :

  • High pressure process training
  • Training to use an high pressure machine
  • Maintenance training
  • Piping training

We are here since start to train your teamworkers to best use our equipment. We believe in our collaboration because your satisfaction is our goal.

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Scale up

Because your project is our, we provide services to help you in all steps. We are conscious that new project can imply new needs. SFE Process will hand over modifications and upgrades on your machine to allow you to serenely implement this innovation in the eco-system of your business.

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What are we mainly doing ?

SFE Process supports you in the design of your process according to your needs and simplifies the planning of your project. Your tailor-made project will split into four major phases, in which we will interact together for success.



  • Customer’s needs assessment (URS)
  • Definition of the technical specifications
  • Price offer
  • Specification validation


  • PID (Piping Instrumentation Diagram)
  • Sizing
  • 3D model design & validation
  • Perfect implantation of the solution on customer's site
  • BDM (Bill Of Materials)
  • Hardware & Software development
  • 1/0 list


  • Made in France
  • GMP Quality Management system
  • Qualified & Validated sub-contractors
  • FAT validation (validation and tests in our factory)


  • Delivery
  • SAT Validation (validation and tests in your factory : 10,00)
  • Process performance Qualification

Services & support

  • Full international service
  • Installation, commissioning
  • Training and assistance
  • Maintenance & scale-up
  • After-sales support
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