Particule Formation

Supercritical CO2 is a promising technology for the manufacture of drug compounds. Different techniques are developed for the manufacture of pharmaceutical formulations: micronization, co-precipitation, coating and encapsulation. Thanks to supercritical CO2 it is possible to process heat-sensitive compounds and to avoid the use of organic solvents.  Thanks to this technology, many processes have been modified and developed over the years. New composite materials with targeted properties have been created. Particle formation by supercritical CO2 allows applications such as micronization, encapsulation, virus coating, active ingredient formation etc.

In addition to pharmaceutical applications, particle formation is also used in the food industry, in cosmetics with the use of nanotechnology and in painting. In the food industry, nanotechnology is the technology of the future in the way food is produced, in the food industry, in consumption, transport or packaging.

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