Industrial hemp

Hemp receives more attention since 1985. Indeed, industrial hemp has lower tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content than the cannabis sativa. It has been shown that CBD has anticonvulsant effects, is effective against migraine, and shows many other benefits… THC is present at much lower concentration in industrial hemp. Various contents, laws, legislations cover the processing of hemp.

The major difference between hemp and industrial hemp is that industrial hemp has lower THC levels and is not grown for psychoactive purpose. A industrial hemp variety list exists for EU and Switzerland. Content and THC level differs for different countries. Mostly the limit is set 0.2%THC. Exceeding this limit requires narcotic license. To gain (in terms of productivity and culture and requirements) higher amount of CBD, good choice of starting plant, and extraction method and equipment is essential.

Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction is the best method. A liquid CO2 is pressurized in a pump and is heated up with a heat exchanger. The supercritical CO2 is therefore a solvent which flows through the extractor charged with hemp extract. After this extraction step, the homogeneous mixture: CO2 and extract is separated thanks to a pressure reduction to obtain CO2 turned in vapor and extract phase. The extract thus obtained can be collected and the CO2 gas is recycled again.

The extraction enable to collect high end hemp oils and hemp extracts. This process is gentle with the materials. There is a great recovery rate of valuable oil and substances. With this method different contents, colors of CBD can be produced.

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