High pressure product catalog

The components used are always those of better quality existing on the market. We supply standard pressure equipment spare parts. Contact us for more information.

The components used are always those of better quality existing on the market. We provide spare parts for supercritical CO2 equipment and are also able to offer their installation on site.

Autoclave/ Fractionation column

Ultrasonic autoclave

100ml with ultrasound technology developed with sinaptec, research and development project with the aim of improving the process in the sense that the agitation of the molecules makes it possible to carry out    the extraction in a more limited time.


We provide high pressure autoclaves with PED or ASME certification designed for each application. Safety and efficiency are ensured with our autoclaves.

We manufacture autoclaves from 50ml to 10L and over, with pression up to 1000 bar and temperature up to 150°. Contact us !

Tailor made autoclave equipment


We manufacture autoclaves and tailor made autoclave equipment. These systems can easily integrate with existing complex equipment.

This tailor made autoclave Woodoo is designed with a stirrer. System fully mounted on a wheeled chassis for easy movement.

The second one, is a compact autoclave designed to complete an equipment to create customized aerogel for each application. We work with Keey aerogel to develop effective solutions. This autoclave unit has his specific control panel.

Contact us for more informations we will be delighted to study your request and bring you the best solutions!


A container closed from side to side by a sintered disc used to receive the product for -extraction, to facilitate the setting up and the removal of the product in the autoclave. We are able to produce cartridge for natural products, solid and liquid products, adapted to customer’s needs.


Cyclonic or gravity separates the CO2 from the finished product. CO2 is recycle in the loop.

Fractionation column

To purify liquid we manufacture fractionation column.

View cell

Saphire cell

Sending the process through a transparent sapphire to watch the chemical reaction through the sapphire which has the particularity of being resistant to pressure and temperature.

We manufacture view cells from 20mm diameter to 35mm, up to 700bar. We have different categories, tube view cell and viewing window. A sapphire tube is closed by 2 lids and maintained by a specific spacer and offers a complete view on the full cell. Instead of the standard configuration with “one bottom lid with 2 ports and one cap lid with a centralport”, it is possible to design it with “2 bottom lids with 2 ports on each lid” to reduce dead volume.

These cells are ideal for large and global visualization of the cell. It is possible to introduce big objects inside the celland to equip the cell with various instrumentation.

They are particularly suited for :

  • Multiphase behaviour visualization + sampling
  • Visualization of solubilization of mixture with long solubilization process that requires an efficient mixing (mixer option)
  • Atomisation and spray visualisation (e.g. for SAS) volume.

Other dimensions can be proposed upon request.

Most of saphire cells can either be manufactured in standard version or long version (L) according to the following table :

Valves and BPR

BPR Back Pressure Regulator

Back pressure regulators are pressure reducers, it maintains constant upstream pressure in a circuit while the downstream pressure can fluctuate.


We manufacture valves designed to be adapted, ergonomic and safe for your equipment. Valves allows easy manual opening and closing.

Safety components

Disc rupture

Safety element makes impossible to exceed the maximum operating pressure of the device use in medium and low pressure.

Safety valve

Safety element makes it impossible to exceed the maximum operating pressure of the device use at low pressure.

Tubbing and fitting

Jet breaker

No projection no splash to attenuate, regulate, direct the violence of the jet and finally have a perfect extraction.

Check valve

To ensure safety and perfect loop of the process.

Cross tees

To ensure perfect cycle and safety.


Our equipment are made on demand, our expert team of technicians design and build the entire equipment. We conceptualise the simplest model.



Balance connected to the PLC to precisely record the quantities extracted in order to refine the process.

Pressure sensor

Indicating device to know the pressure in the process at various locations.


The Coriolis flowmeter is a mass flowmeter it carries out a direct and integral measurement of the mass, it permits to know with precision the flow of a fluid as well gaseous emulsions as mixtures.


The manometer makes it possible to have the precise measurement of the fluid pressure in the liquid or gaseous or supercritical phase. Easy to use and resistant, our manometers are made of stainless steel.



A probe that can be used to read the temperature at various points in the process to be able to control supercritical/ liquid/ gas states, because each state is obtained at a different pressure and temperature.


Serves to cool the CO2 to reach its liquid state before going into the pump to facilitate pumping.


Heat exchanger

Used to heat the CO2 to reach its supercritical state after pressurization.


Spare parts

Filters and Sintered disc

Disc made with sintered metal leaving a certain porosity in order to let the CO2 and the molecules that we wish to extract.

Lip seals

To ensure best safety during high pressure process we use leap seals . Standard sealing rings (also called spi seal, lip ring) whose function is to seal the fluids on rotating shafts.

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