Hybrid wood: a wood of the future.

Translucent wood, with high performance properties: it is a patented innovation of tomorrow by Woodoo.

The technology extracts lignin and air from the wood contained in its cells, which will be replaced by a bio-sourced product. Thus the performances of the material are increased tenfold. All wood species can be transformed into super material.

The extracted lignin is extremely pure and can be marketed in the chemistry market. The use and enhancement of all co-products allows a reduction in the cost of the material.

"At the end of our process, the result is a material-wood with unparalleled translucency.” Woodoo.

This innovation in materials science will redefine the use of wood in the service of smart surfaces and the field of construction.

With its smart, eco-friendly and connected surfaces, Woodoo reinvents the use of wood in the automotive or retail industry.

The construction sector is facing the environmental challenges of tomorrow, and environmental standards are increasingly restrictive, the shortage of building materials is increasing, an alternative to premium wood is an inspiring solution. Moreover, this super material can even replace concrete in some cases, a real architectural revolution is underway.

A wind of renewal blows on the wood sector.

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