CBD food and beverage

CBD, cannabidiol molecule contained in Cannabis and Hemp plant has many virtues. To relax, with anti-inflammatory effect, to relieve pain, to reduce anxiety CBD becomes an ally. It is advisable to consume quality cbd, whose composition and traceability are checked.The cannabis plant has the distinction of being able to be fully used. In fact, its seeds, roots, leaves, stems and flowers can be used. CBD seeds are part of the super foods. The CBD extract is marketed as simply extract,  but also added to foods such as ice cream, beer, herbal tea and so on. Thanks to supercritical technology, CBD is extracted selectively. The final extract is ultra pure, and with a  high yield. The traceability is perfect since the CO2 evaporates completely and no trace of contaminant is present in the finished product. The cbd oil is then very concentrated. SFE Process offers GMP systems and even certified 21 CFR part 11. Many manufacturers are interested in the prolific market of CBD, the plant is the new eldorado that promise to redesign the market. The benefits and benefits of the plant are numerous. In terms of virtues on health: the CBD has the property of being anti-stress, can reduce pain, has a satiety effect, studies have shown the power on the treatment of cancer symptoms etc. More and more athletes are also consuming CBD products.

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