Cannabis culture boom with farm bill ?

When Trump administration legalizes hemp, SFEPROCESS provides solutions of CBD extraction.

The US president signed farm bill on 24th, December, 2018. The Congress has already approved the act which allows in federal way, cultivation of hemp. Hemp was on the black list of “forbidden crops” until 2018, more precisely high THC cannabis. Now cultivators are allowed to cultivate in industrial scale. Industrial hemp is allowed and hemp-derived products can be now transferred across the states lines, it is why farm bill is also expected to have ramifications in the sale of CBD products.

To extract the best of plants SFEProcess builds extraction systems and processing facilities. Thus, cannabis oil is pure from residues, and a condensed of nature can be used for different applications.

What about CO2 Extraction ?

Liquid carbon dioxide is pressurized with a pump and heated up in a heat exchanger. This supercritical solvent flows threw the extractor, charged with hemp extract. At the end of the extraction, the homogeneous mix of extract and Co2 enter in extract phase. During this phase vapor CO2 separate the two elements. The pure extract can be removed and the supercritical CO2 is recycled in a continuous loop. We are able to adapt each supercritical system to individual need.

SFE Super Critical Fluid Extraction generates a pure extract and it enables to gain high end hemp extract and hemp oil. Many different contents of CBD can be created in different purposes and for various applications.


Thanks to SFF super critical fractionation, oil is gathered and a dewaxing is made.

We also create chromatography systems. THC which is the molecule responsible of psychotropic effect and CBD which is used in medical purpose, are included in the cannabis plant. Thanks to ultra-high performance advanced supercritical chromatography, it is possible to separate and collect the molecules, to purify and analyze the cannabis. With this method terpene and CBD are selectively separated and analyzed.

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