CAE advizes france to legalize cannabis

The Council for Economic Analysis, for the purpose of decision support took the case of the legalization of cannabis in France. The economists Auriol Emmanuelle and Geoffard Pierre-Yves looked into this case to highlight findings and give their recommendations.

France's policy on cannabis is considered ultra-repressive and even has an archaic aspect according to the report. The paradox of repression of consumption in France reflects the ceaseless failure of the position adopted. Indeed, in 2016 41% of French people have already used cannabis against a European average of 14%. In addition to the inefficiency of this policy, it "weighs heavily on public spending and benefits criminal organizations." Note that "In the end, between the economy of repression costs targeting consumers and the introduction of new taxes, the legalization of cannabis generates a large fiscal dividend. The report recalls in particular the importance of the benefits of medical cannabis, its non-toxicity, its non-addictive nature. For recreational cannabis, it must also be emphasized that it is "much less addictive than other legal substances (alcohol, tobacco) and illegal substances (heroin ...)"

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