Always customer focused

In today’s market, there is an increasingly tough competition. The aim for industries is to increase productivity and collect biggest amount of desired extract with reliable and efficient supercritical equipment. Laboratories, must have cutting-edge innovation equipment to push forward research or train student on best technologies. We understand each customer’s need.

SFE Process, provides complete tailor-made solutions for each customer and field of application.
We are expert in supercritical equipment.
We accompany each customer since the emergence of the idea.

SFE Process manufactures the best equipment and complete solutions to help client reach their goals and meet their objectives. With SFE Process, found the best partnership of success.

Always customer focused

Supercritical process is imperative in today’s market. You need to have efficient technologies and sophisticated equipment to reach your goals. Fields of applications are various and supercritical technology is a major tool of significant advance for industries, laboratories...

We provide complete, adapted supercritical solutions. With our process, extraction parameters can be changed to adjust mass transfer and solvency.

Permitting to collect the highest and purest volume of target compounds and the lowest amount of undesirable compounds

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