Advantages and benefits of supercritical CO2 use

Supercritical CO2 extraction

The supercritical CO2 extraction process allows to :


Molecule cbd thc supercriticall fluid extraction

Supercritical CO2 application wine cork sfe process

Vegetal supercritical process food pharmaceutic industry - sfe process

Pure extract supercritical carbon dioxyde process - sfe process

Supercritical CO2 fractionation

Fractionation can be compared to a normal liquid-liquid extraction: liquid mixtures can be separated by supercritical fluid. Using a supercritical solvent arises many advantages compared to a classic organic solvent. Liquids can be continuously introduced in and withdrawn from high pressure unit.

The supercritical CO2 fractionate process allows to :


  • Isolate and remove molecule with even better precision
  • For chemically closely molecules, or mixtures, it allows to separate efficiently
  • Enrich a liquid
  • Guarantee better molecule integrity by processing with lower temperatures
  • Remove post processing steps

It can be seen as step two after supercritical fluid separation process. Allows chromatography process after fractionation step.

Fractionnation high pressure supercritical - sfe process

Supercritical CO2 chromatography

The principle is based on the use of supercritical fluid as mobile phase or eluent.

SFE Process builds ultra-high performance advanced chromatography equipment for laboratories and industries. With chromatography and high pressure fluid use, it is possible to separate molecules, for example cannabinoid from THC, after previous cannabis high pressure processes. Thanks to this process quantative determination is possible.

It could be seen as third step of process and enlarge the fields of application : pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, specialty chemistry.

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